Who are we?

At Confluence, people derive techniques. We have experts in the fields of information technology, web development, psychology, interaction design and marketing.


How do we?

We don't make the process as rigid and harsh. Strong relationships with consultants from emerging fields make sure our feedback-based strategy works for you. We have tried to engage people from various backgrounds to achieve a perfect confluence.


Mark Twain once said "It were not best that we should all think alike; it is difference of opinion that makes horse races."


Why are we here?

We research and implement techniques to enhance experiences on the Internet, as well as in your real world.


We are a small agency with big ambitions. Our belief is that latest technology harnessed to it's fullest, can manifest into projects which were once only a  pipe dream.


You see it everyday and the UAE is your best example. So make the most of our array of services to give your business or organization a face lift.


Together, lets co-create some beautiful experiences for everyone.